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Araima ti! - As they say here in Sabah meaning 'To Enjoy'. While the word is often attribute for being used with local celebration, what better word to start off our introduction.

Borneo being a large island itself, we currently focus ourself more on the Northern tip called Sabah. With Hike Asia Travels, we wanted to share the infinite beauty and the unique experiences found only in Borneo and that is by getting you down here to experience it for yourself.

As part of a team, we organize and run the trips ourselves, Join us to rediscover new joys, in the midst of exploring our sacred mountain, spectacular pinnacles, ancient tropical rainforests, fathomable reefs and many more. We invite you to travel along coiling riverlines, sandy beaches along our local coastlines then send you back home safely, replenished, refreshed and ready to face your everyday life.

While our trips may not be made for everyone, if you are interested in something very particular then we are delighted to help you in any manner we could.

Founder & Operation Manager
Hike Asia Travel Sdn Bhd