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Article: Klias River trip

Interested in doing some easy boat trip search for the Proboscis Monkey? Klias River is a special place where visitors can go on a boat cruise in search for this special primate. The Proboscis monkey is one of the few endemic mammals as well as a special attraction in Borneo. There are only a few places in Sabah where tourist can easily access to see this monkey. Klias River is one of the easiest places to visit. It only takes about 2 hours drive to get there from Kota Kinabalu city & is located south of the capital within Beaufort District.

The Proboscis Lodge

Tourist can either enjoy Klias River by doing just a day trip or by staying overnight. At Klias River the main attraction are usually the monkeys and the fireflies.

Day Trip

jettyFor a day trip event, most tour itineraries usually start at 1300 hours, picking up tourist from their hotels or any lodging in Kota Kinabalu. They then proceed to Klias Proboscis Lodge Jetty. Light refreshments will be serve before departure for the river cruise at 1600 hours. The durations of the boat trip normally takes about 3 and a half hours, where they will search for Proboscis Monkeys & other signs of wildlife until sunset.

Binoculars are important for this trip. A telephoto lens is also essential for anyone planning to take a few number of better shots of wildlife. As darkness approaches, visitors will have a special chance to be entertained by thousands of tiny, flickering lights on the mangrove trees emitted by the Fireflies. Visitors usually arrive back at the Jetty by 1930 hours & dinner is serve at the Proboscis Lodge. After dinner they will be brought back to their respective hotels or lodgings in Kota Kinabalu. For visitor planning to stay overnight at the Proboscis Lodge, their itinerarie's packages are usually different from the day trip.

Overnight Trip

lodgeAn overnight stay is possible due to the availability of a number of lodges to cater for night visitors. The Proboscis Lodge offers a variety of options ranging from budget rooms to private lodges. It comes with attached bathrooms. Air-conditioning units are also included. The overnight trip consists of 2 boat-cruising trip (2 boat package).

The package starts with picking up visitors for a 2 hour bus trip from the capital at 1300 hours. Upon arrival, light refreshments are served & visitors will immediately proceed for their first boat trip which is the day trip. The second boat trip is usually done in the second day after breakfast, in the morning. A restaurant is located on the jetty itself. Meals at the Proboscis Lodge are available in both either Malay style & Oriental cuisine. Meals are served buffet style with a variety of choices. There is also a bar that serves cold soft drinks as well as cold beers.


Klias River is great place for anyone who wishes to get away from the city life for a couple of days. Trips offered are very relaxing & enjoyable as well as memorable. Insect repellents are basic essentials when going on this trip.

By Jollence Lee (Tour Guide cum Professional Landscape & Portrait Photographer, Sabah)

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