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Article: Ranau Fish Spa

ranaufishspaThe fish spa at Ranau is quite a new activity currently garnering some popularity among the locals and foreigners alike. Located at Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti in Ranau. You could do this trip while doing Poring Hot Springs tour. Just notify your guide and ask them if your time permits. The locals called it 'Tagal' which means 'no fishing' in the local dialect. The place is open daily.

When you arrived, you will need to pay entrance fee and probably some fish food. Then you will need to queue up for turns. While waiting you can try the hanging bridge located nearby. The bridge can fit 10 persons at a time. When your turn arrives, you walked in to the designated river banks for visitors. You will have 15 minutes until your number is being called up signalling that your time is over.

What exactly is happening here is you get some massage when you walk into the waters and the fish starts nibbling at your dead skins which is what they feed on. They say that these methods could cure psoriasis but we aren't sure however it's harmless to try. There's plenty of visitors here on the weekends, mostly locals. The fish don't actually bite but it can be ticklish and you can definitely hear some groups screaming as the fishes tickles them.

By Collin Choo

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